Resolve & Heal the Past to Create a Brighter Future.


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We cannot change the past, but we can change the meaning we put on past events, which changes how we feel about them. Resolving the past is not just about forgiveness. That is great when it happens but what allows people to let go of the past and release present pain is when they reach a point of acceptance and have insight or wisdom that prepares them to positively, deal with similar situations in the future.

7 Good Reasons for Healing or Resolving the Past.

  1. Most people have had painful, difficult or traumatic events in their lives that unconsciously affect them now and are re–acting to the past. Resolving the past reduce stress gives more choice so that you are not re-acting but responding to life situations.
  2. Painful experiences from childhood or past relationships if not resolved are often projected on to present relationships, transferring emotions e.g. fears, mistrust, jealousy. When the past is resolved it is so much easier to be more present, more loving and spontaneous.
  3. Unconscious patterns from the past have a way of sabotaging the future. Resolving the past allows you to create a compelling future.
  4. Compulsive behaviour and coping mechanisms happen when negative emotions and thoughts unconsciously drive behaviour such as, smoking, excess drinking / eating, biting nails OCD’s e.g. When you release the past, you have more freedom from compulsive patterns.
  5. There is a strong correlation between negative emotions and thoughts and health problems. For example, fear is often related to phobias, anxiety, atrial fibrillation. Anger is often related to accidents, depression, inflammations etc. Not only are you less likely to develop a Dis/Ease and health problems but the recovery time is less without the past stress.
  6. Most aging is premature due to past and present stresses. The body naturally regenerates when free of unneeded stress.
  7. When healing or resolving the past you are clearing karma, wiping the slate clean, for a fresh new start.

For resolving the past we recommend Option 1 (1x Four hour session plus 2x Two hour sessions). This option is like a mental, emotional detox allowing a deep personal change. We resolve much of the past and present stresses and work on building a bright and beautiful future.

For resolving the past, we recommend Option 1: “Deep Personal Change” which is:
1 x four-hour and 2 x one-hour sessions.
Total cost $700
*If needed, you may return for an additional session within 6 months at no cost.

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