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Michael Tcherne at A-Peel Therapies in Mandurah, uses a unique ‘Rapid Therapy’ technique for his work with couples (and singles) in healing and improving their relationships. This unique combination of various modalities, therapies, tools and techniques works quickly, with the majority of people seeing positive results in their very first session.

Loving, passionate, vibrant & successful relationships don’t just happen to people because they’re ‘lucky’ or particularly well-suited or they happen to have fabulous chemistry. A loving relationship is not a negotiation but is built on a mutual heartfelt understanding, respect, trust, passion and love

Create the relationship you deserve with relationship coaching, counsellor Michael Tcherne.

Don’t just settle for ordinary, let me help you turn it around and make your relationship extraordinary.

Working with me at A-Peel Therapies is perfect for you if:

  • You are in a relationship and you’re experiencing conflict or issues that you’d like to resolve.
  • You have issues from your past that are blocking you from having the loving relationship that you desire and deserve.
  • You have a good relationship – but you want it to be exceptional, more vibrant, passionate and loving.
  • You want to enhance the loving relationship you now have and take it to a new level.
  • If you’re single and would like to remove whatever is blocking you from being able to have a loving, intimate relationship in your life.
  • You are single and see patterns with past relationships and want to get it right next time.

Sometimes it only takes one person in a couple to make all the difference, so you can come on your own to heal or improve your relationship. Often it takes only one to change the whole dynamic in the relationship.

We recommend 3-10 one or two hour sessions, depending on your situation. It is recommended to start with a 2 hour session and Michael will discuss what will best for you moving forward from there.

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