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So you've decided to quit smoking? Congratulations on making one of the best decisions of your life! The good news is that it CAN be easy and quick. Using a unique 'Rapid Therapy' technique, Michael Tcherne can help you quit in just two sessions with 1 free follow-up session.

You probably get pleasure or relief from smoking and then feel bad afterwards. It is our job to help you to turn it all around so you feel bad and repulsed at the idea of smoking and to feel pleasure from being a non-smoker.

When you give up the cigarettes you’re going to experience a freedom you have not felt for a long long time.

Once you have stopped smoking you’re not going to be tied down by when or where you need to have your next cigarette. You won’t need to worry about any of that anymore. You won’t have to excuse yourself from events & family times … You won’t need to go outside… You won’t need to do any of the things smokers are forced to do because…

Butt Out for Life – Three Steps to become a non-smoker

Session 1: This includes a combination of strategic interventions, coaching and 2 sessions of hypnosis.

Step 1) We will radically increase your drive and motivation to be a non-smoker. Making smoking repulsive so that being a non-smoker is desirable, compelling, giving you a sense of freedom and relief.

Step 2) We will break old patterns, let go of out-of-date, limiting beliefs and thoughts that cause self-sabotage. Replacing them with empowering meanings, thoughts, strategies and beliefs.

Session 2: This includes a combination of strategic interventions, coaching and 1 sessions of hypnosis.

Step 3) We will condition the new behaviour so as to create a long-term identity as a non-smoker. We will install strong emotional states within you, so that you will not be swayed by people or situations.

After the in-person sessions, you will have access to the Butt Out hypnosis videos and may return for a top up session within six months if you need additional support, no charge.

You will be a non-smoker!

I know the main reason you’re reading this page is because you really want to know if our unique blend of different strategies and techniques (including hypnotherapy) can work for you. The great news is that we see it work every day. People walk into the clinic as smokers and walk out after their sessions as non smokers (not ex-smokers). We love that we can help people so quickly and effectively.

Bin your cigarettes once and for all with effective coaching life & relationship coach, NLP Trainer, & registered Clinical Hypnotherapist Michael Tcherne who will help you break the cycle of addiction.

For most people the best option is the "Butt Out for Life" program, which is:
One initial session – 3-4 hours, subsequent session 1 hours
Total cost $500
or come with a friend and pay $350 each

*If needed, you may return for an additional session within 6 months at no cost.

However, if you suffer from intense anxiety or depression, and use smoking as a coping mechanism, we recommend Option 1: "Deep Personal Change" which is:
1 x four-hour and 1 x two hour sessions.
Total cost $700
*If needed, you may return for an additional session within 6 months at no cost.

AfterPay available (*at clinic)

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