Quit Smoking Through Coaching & Hypnosis at our Mandurah Location



So you’ve decided to quit smoking? Congratulations on making one of the best decisions of your life! The good news is that it CAN be easy and quick. Using a unique ‘Rapid Therapy’ technique, Michael Tcherne can help you quit in just two sessions with 1 free follow-up session.

You probably get pleasure or relief from smoking and then feel bad afterwards. It is our job to help you to turn it all around so you feel bad and repulsed at the idea of smoking and to feel pleasure from being a non-smoker.

When you give up the cigarettes you’re going to experience a freedom you have not felt for a long long time.

Once you have stopped smoking you’re not going to be tied down by when or where you need to have your next cigarette. You won’t need to worry about any of that anymore. You won’t have to excuse yourself from events & family times … You won’t need to go outside… You won’t need to do any of the things smokers are forced to do because…

You will be a non-smoker!

I know the main reason you’re reading this page is because you really want to know if coaching & hypnotherapy can work for you. The great news is that we see it work every day. People walk into the clinic as smokers and walk out after their sessions as non smokers (not ex-smokers). We love that we can help people so quickly and effectively.

Bin your cigarettes once and for all with effective coaching life & relationship coach, NLP Trainer, & registered Clinical Hypnotherapist Michael Tcherne who will help you break the cycle of addiction.

For the very best results we recommend our ‘Deep Personal Change’ option which is 1x four hour session and 2x one hour sessions.

The second option is the breakthrough program which is 1x two hour session plus 1x one hour session.