Stop Smoking

On line sessions are now available.

Quit Smoking through Coaching and Hypnosis at our Mandurah Location

People get pleasure or relief from smoking and then feel bad after. It is my job to help you turn it all around so you feel bad and repulsed at the idea of smoking and pleasure from being a non-smoker.

Bin your cigarettes once and for all with an effective coaching  NLP Trainer and registered Clinical Hypnotherapist Michael Tcherne who will help you break the cycle of addiction.

Option 1  cost total $550

If you suffer from severe anxiety, depression or emotional stress please consider option 1 on the Home Page (right side) to bring the stress levels down and then kick the habit.

Option 2  cost total $300

1st session is a breakthrough session and takes about 2 hours and cost $200;

  • Together we will; remove or reduce fears, doubts and limited thoughts that have sabotaged you unconsciously and prevented you from succeeding.

  • Create the positive mindset of a successful non-smoker.

2nd session takes  an hour and cost $100. We will consolidate your progress and resolve any bumps in the road.

3rd follow up sessions are free to ensure your long term success as a fresh air person.

Option 3 cost $150

This is a very motivational coaching / hypnosis session of 1 1/2 hours to help get you in the right mental and emotional state to carry through.

Stop smoking once and for all with Coaching that’s tailored to your needs

Make an appointment at our Mandurah location, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Michael Tcherne by calling 0413 539 512 or emailing A-Peel Therapies also offer counselling therapies and hypnosis services for a range of addictions and emotional issues, including overeating, anxiety, and depression.