Depression Counselling Perth & Online via Zoom.

The term ‘depression counselling’ is an often searched term – when what people really want, is to clear away the feelings and symptoms of depression.
Not in Mandurah or Perth? That’s fine – your session can be online via Zoom. So where ever you are – removing your depression is closer than you thought possible.

So what causes depression?

Depression is caused by traumatic, painful or overwhelming past experiences. Over time these can build up and eventually manifest in your life as depression. In many cases, the actual cause of the depression is completely unconscious,  for some the cause is known.  The first stressful event may be as early as a difficult birth, or your parents fighting, or childhood experiences that were particularly traumatic. Every difficult experience that is emotionally unresolved is added to the level of stress. They can include bullying, work or school problems in addition painful past and present relationships or family issues can create even more stress.

Releasing the stresses of a lifetime quickly & easily.

How would you like freedom from depression in less than 7 hours? You can restore the joy, strength and balance in your life. Resolve the past and create a brighter future.

Depression in men, depression in woman and depression in teenagers is a real problem but the good news is there is a natural treatment for depression. A way out of the heavy, gloom and doom and into the light.

This is not about depression support or coping with depression, this is about using a processes to remove depression. Together we get to the source, the reason for depression and resolve it.

The beginning of the session is usually the most emotional part of the first 4-hour session. This is when we do a detailed personal history and talk about significant past emotional events. The removal of negative emotions is done on a dissociated level so it is possible to release many emotions from painful memories without reliving them. By the end of the 4-hour session most of the past will feel resolved.

A week later we can do a 2-hour session of hypnosis at a much deeper level to release unconscious negative emotions that are often stored in the body. Some people have deep rooted problems and I will often see them an additional session or two with no extra charge. At the end of treatment I offer a free check-up consultation one month later to ensure that we have got everything and all changes are long term.

My promise to you, if together, we don’t remove 80-100% of your depression I will give you a refund.

Make a permanent, positive, change in your life with help from A-peel therapies.

Hypnotherapy, and a combination of therapies we use, are all potent yet gentle techniques that can help you let go of the past, resolve stress or anxiety and become empowered to make positive changes in your life.

Book a  ‘Deep Personal Change’ session (2 sessions over 6-7 hours), and rediscover happiness & joy in your life
1 x four-hour and 2 x one-hour sessions.
Total cost $700
*If needed, you may return for an additional session within 6 months at no cost.

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