Resolve the past

Why resolve unfinished business and let go of negative thoughts and emotions from the past?

  Most people have had painful, difficult or traumatic events in their lives that unconsciously affect them now. Negative thoughts and emotions are linked. If you are angry about something now, that anger is linked to an earlier anger and an earlier anger all the way back to the first time you were angry. By letting go of earlier angers, present angers are so much easier to release. •Negative emotions  have a strong correlation to health problems. For example fear is often related to phobias, anxiety, atrial fibrillation etc. Anger is often related to accidents, depression, inflammations etc..   •If we have “unfinished business” from past relationships we tend to project the negative emotions and thoughts on our present relationships. • Negative emotions and thoughts drive unconscious behaviour such as, smoking, excess drinking / eating, bitting nails.

Resolve the past, empower the present and create a brighter future.                                                                                                                                               

By resolving the past we can focus on good health and happiness, we can be present and appreciate more fully the close relationships in our lives, we can make clear, conscious choices about our lifestyle.

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