10 good reasons for choosing A-peeltherapies

Michael is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association, which means he;

•Works within the standards and code of ethics of the association to ensure your security.

• Must do COD, Continuing Professional Development. He is continuously developing and discovering better ways to serve you.

•Must have current police clearance, public liability and first aid.

•Must have regular supervision to ensure he is emotionally clear and able to assist clients without counter transference.

He also;

• Has over 30 years experience.

• Some clients have deep rooted problems that require additional sessions, in which case he will see them for an additional two sessions, no charge.

• He is a hypnotherapist and much more, he has trained in many related fields of healing and awareness.

• He works with rapid therapy so you can expect relief and results in the first session.

• He is always growing and developing as a person, psychologically and spiritually.