Weight Loss

Mandurah Based Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

  slider_img7 Receive all the help and support you need to implement a healthier lifestyle and achieve the body you want at A-Peel Therapies. With over 28 years of experience helping clients achieve their life goals, registered clinical hypnotherapist Michael Tcherne is well placed to assist you to let go of negative habits and embrace a new, healthier lifestyle. Many of us carry around more weight than is good for us. Modern humans live a high stress, largely sedentary lifestyle surrounded by calorie rich foods. The combination of these things makes it easy to fall into patterns of unhealthy eating or emotional overeating, without taking up the required exercise to burn off the excess calories. Once they are established, these habits are incredibly difficult to kick. What’s more, a string of failed diets and unused gym memberships can lower our confidence and make it even more difficult to self-motivate. For most people, Dissociation therapy and hypnotherapy will be the answer to their weight loss struggle and at our Mandurah clinic, we’ve helped many people achieve their ideal body weight.  

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What is emotional eating? When we feel insecure, criticised, upset or have low self-worth, food can become a substitute for nurturing or a means of repressing and stuffing down unwanted feelings and thoughts. Hypnosis can help with weight loss by helping you to rid yourself of this form of stress management and instead embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Weight loss hypnosis treatment to help you become motivated and change your lifestyle

Option 1. What can I expect? This 5 1/2 hour hypnotherapy approach will considerably reduce or eliminate negative emotions such as fear, sadness, anger and guilt as well as undermining thoughts like “I’m not good enough”,” I need food as comfort or a reward”, and ” I need approval”. It will emotionally and mentally free you from past events and current stress so you can focus on maintaining good health and happiness. If you suffer from emotional eating or anxiety, depression, stress and negative thoughts, or feelings that unconsciously sabotage your attempts at getting in and staying in shape then this option is recommended. Option 2. What can I expect? This 1 ½ hour hypnotherapy session is highly motivational and is designed to help you utilise conscious and unconscious resources to support and empower you, so you can take control.

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If you are interested in undergoing hypnosis for weight loss at our Mandurah clinic, or have any questions about the treatment process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Michael Tcherne by calling 0413 539 512 or emailing michael@apeeltherapies.com.au. A-Peel Therapies also offer counselling and therapies for a range of other addictions and emotional issues.