Stop The Habit


Kick the habit with Hypnosis, Dissociation Therapy at our Mandurah Location


For: Drinking problems, Smoking, Gambling, Drug, Sex addiction, Nail biting, hair pulling, all compulsive habits or addictions.

stop smoking habit     addiction   Break free from the cycle of addiction, unconscious habits and compulsions with A-Peel Therapies. Hypnosis and Dissociation Therapy are very gentle and effective treatments to remove negative thoughts and feelings that have supported out of date habits. Using some of the latest therapy techniques, Michael will work with you to resolve unfinished business from past relationships and deal with present stressors in order to free yourself from the emotional and psychological bonds you have formed with the habit and/or addiction.  

How addiction is formed and how to stop it!!!


Hypnosis and therapy treatment that’s tailored to your needs

  Option 1 This approach reduces negative emotions such as fear, sadness, anger and guilt as well as self-sabotaging thoughts like “I’m not good enough”,” I need “it” to cope”, and ” I will fail”. It will free you emotionally and mentally from past events and current stressors so you can regain a positive focus and move away from addiction. If you suffer from anxiety, stress or negative thoughts, or feel you’re unconsciously sabotaging your attempts at stopping the habit, this option is recommended. Cost: $350 for a 1 x 4hr first session and $150 for a 1 x 1 ½ second session.   This includes a free return session one month later to ensure the changes that you have made are a permanent part of your day to day life style.   Option 2 This 1 ½ hour session will help get you motivated and provide you with a plan to remain on track. This highly comprehensive session will help you by utilizing tools and resources to move beyond bad habits. Cost: $150.  

Michael can help you, just ask!

  If you have any queries or are looking to find out how you can be rid of bad habits once and for all, please call Michael Tcherne on 0413 539 512 or email him on today to learn more. We also provide a host of other services that can help facilitate a change in your life.