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What causes anxiety, depression and emotional /mental stress?

  • Painful, overwhelming or traumatic experiences from the past, build up over time and eventually manifest as anxiety, depression and stress. Some of the causes may be known while others are unconscious.  The first stressful event maybe from a difficult birth, parents arguing , a traumatic childhood experience or sex abuse. Each difficult and emotionally unresolved experience is added to the stress level. Any bulling, school or work problems, painful past and present relationships or family issues can create more stress.
  • How is it possible to let go of a life time of stress in such a short time and is it painful?

The most emotional part of the 4-hour session is often in the beginning of the session, when we do a detailed personal history and talk about significant past emotional events. The removal of negative emotions is done on a dissociated level so it is possible to release many emotions from painful memories without reliving them. By the end of the 4-hour session most of the past will feel resolved. A week later we can do a 1 1/2 hour session of hypnosis at a much deeper level to release unconscious negative emotions. Some people have deep rooted problems and I will often see them an additional session or two with no extra charge. At the end of treatment I offer a free check-up consultation one month later to ensure that we have got everything and all changes are long term.  

Make a permanent, positive, change in your life with help from A-peel therapies.

Counselling, hypnotherapy, and dissociation therapy are all potent yet gentle techniques that can help you let go of the past and become empowered to make positive changes in your life. At A-Peel Therapies in Mandurah, our service takes place with registered clinical hypnotherapist Michael Tcherne. Michael has over 28 years of experience working with clients to help them overcome a wide range of emotional and psychological issues. During treatment, Michael will work with you to identify and resolve the underlying causes of your anxiety and depression and assist you restore your sense of self-worth and confidence so you can focus on manifesting a happier, more fulfilling future.  

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To learn more about the anxiety and depression counselling services offered at our Mandurah location, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by telephoning Michael Tcherne on 0413539512 or emailing